The 50 Best Happy Birthday Quotes of All Time

my birthday quotes

sister birthday quotes

There are some occasions in life which leave an unforgettable impact on a person’s life. These occasions can be happy and sad. Life is full situations where people gather around and make fun and share their stories and take some memorable pictures. Birthdays are one of them and birthdays can never be celebrated without happy birthday quotes. We often see that every birthday card has some quotations written on it and on the basis of these quotations we choose them to give as a birthday present. So, yes these occasions can leave a vital impact on people.

If birthday celebration is without gifts then a person feel a lot sad because he or she use to wait a whole year for a birthday to come and when that particular day gets ruined due to any reason then it generates anger inside him/her. To give a perfect birthday present you always need a perfect birthday card with some lovable and beautiful happy birthday quotes written on it. If you succeed in finding such birthday card then it adds up the beauty in your gift because with some lovely words you can win the heart of others.

There are other occasions like birthday but that are totally different from this one because it has an amazing fact about it that it comes every year and you can celebrate it with more enthusiasm. Weddings come mostly only one time in a life of a person but these birthdays are one of the happiest occasions of life and we all expect this day to go perfect for us. The perfect birthday always need a perfect situation and best friends with perfect gifts and perfect happy birthday quotes so that we can reach our expectations from this one day that comes after a long wait of a whole year. Whatever it’s the birthday of your mom, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend. You will find here best happy birthday quotes to wish each and everyone!

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A big thanks to tumblr for these beautiful birthday sayings.

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