The 28 Best Funny April Fools Pranks Of All Time (GIFs)

april fool jokes

Every year April fools day brings lots of fun with it. People from all over the world play hilarious April fools pranks on their friends, families and even they don’t forgive strangers too.

There are thousands of people who stay in search of funny and crazy April fool pranks ideas all the year to have unlimited fun on this special day. Well, students want to do something hilarious with their friends, boyfriends want to play perfect April fools pranks on their girlfriends and crazy guys want to do ridiculous stuff with strangers.

If April fools day is coming just after few days and you are still looking around to find out best April fool prank idea then you have just stumbled upon at the perfect place where we have gathered 28 all time best funny April fools pranks ideas for your inspiration lol 😉

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GIFs via tumblr and imgur.

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