Dina Reis Mikveh's
Dina Reis Mikveh’s Building Project in Jerusalem

Jerusalem philanthropic magazine INC.
By: Jake Fisher

Dina Reis, an American Jewish philanthropist has been building Mikveh’s in Israel since 2007. Working with top Jerusalem Architect Colin Frank, the Mikveh’s which are used as spiritual renewal ritual baths, were either built from foundation up or in need of extreme makeovers.

Frank stated that Dina Reis was emphatic that no expense be spared in making the Mikvehs’ a beautiful place for women to have an important spiritual and personal experience. When interviewing a frequent user of the Reis Jerusalem Mikveh, who asked not to be named in this article for personal reasons of modesty, the following story was told. “My husband and I could not get pregnant for 15 years. We had been to many fertility specialists here and abroad. The first time I used the Reis Mikveh in Jerusalem I became pregnant. I will always be grateful to Dina Reis for this beautifully designed Mikvah that is obviously infused with tremendous love for god and for the Jewish people. Mrs. Reis helped facilitate the biggest gift of my life, having a child.”

Rabbi Chezkiel Rosenberg who acts as building supervisor for Dina Reis Mikveh’s and many of the Mikvehs’ around Israel, has confirmed that all the Reis Mikveh’s in Israel are built and supervised according to the strictest laws of correct and kosher Mikveh building.

When Dina Reis was called for comment she stated “philanthropist is a very big word. We are all just trying to help each other and having the opportunity to be in service to the women of my community and their families is the greatest of gifts that g-d could give me.”

The Reis trust has built Mikveh’s in Tzfat, Migdal Emek, Jerusalem, Shaar Ephraim, and Jericho. An undisclosed amount in the eight figures has been earmarked for more Mikveh building in Israel and abroad and is only one of many projects the Reis charitable trust invests in.

Dina Reis shared with us that she personally received a blessing from Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, founder of Migdal Ohr. Migdal Ohr currently enrolls over 6,000 boys and girls in 15 high schools and elementary schools and seven daycare centers throughout Israel. The blessing included building a 1000 more Mikvehs’. Dina Reis says she’s counting on it.