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Biggest Festivals in the World 2020

There are incredibly big festivals happening around the world round the year. These festivals bring the best entertainment options in one place. People who love the vibe and pulsating cultural extravaganza of such festivals throng to these events from all over the world. This creates an amazing environment of endless fun and bliss that makes people return to these festivals year after year.

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Here are some of the best festivals organized around the globe:

1. Rock-in-Rio

Organized in Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro, this is another very popular rock music festival. Rock music is deeply ingrained in the history and cultural ethos of Rio. The festival unites the city in their love for rock music and it reflects in the festival anthem, fireworks, and performances. Though the Rio version of Rock-in Rio is still the most popular event, the festival is now also organized in Lisbon, Las Vegas, and Madrid. It’s organized every 2 years and nearly 1 million people participate in it.

2. Donauinselfest

The Donauinselfest is an open-air music festival where fans from around the globe converge. This is supposed to be the largest such festival where over 2 million people converge for a three-day musical extravaganza. This festival is organized at the Donauinsel Island in Vienna in June. The festival sees the coming together of artists from across Europe as well as elsewhere in the world. The festival hosts all kinds of musical performances — rock, pop, hip-hop, rap, electronic music, metal, folk, blues, and reggae. Entry to the festival is free.

3. Summerfest

Summerfest at Milwaukee in Wisconsin is the largest musical extravaganza of the US. Here besides all kinds of music, visitors can enjoy more than 800 acts of comedy and other artistic and cultural events over 11 days. Outdoor games, shopping, and fireworks are other attractions of this festival that charge $20 as entry fees. Visitors to this festival do not miss the opportunity to relish local delicacies from Milwaukee restaurants. Nearly 1 million people come to this festival every year.

4. Mawazine

Mawazine is another music festival that attracts more than 2 million fans from across the world. Though all music genres are represented in the festival, Mawazine particularly showcases African music and musicians. Africans love for music is legendary and Mawazine’s status as the biggest stage for everything music is an extension of the black continent’s connection with music. The event has seen some A-listers performing here including Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Iggy Azalea, and David Guetta, among others. This festival takes place in June at Rabat, Morocco.

4. Woodstock

Woodstock is a 3-day long music festival more known for metal, rock, pop, and folk music. It’s organized at Bethel in New York and for this reason, it is also called Bethel rock festival. The festival is one of the largest rock festivals in the world. It is organized in August every year and the entry is free. It attracts about a million visitors. 

Final thoughts

The above-mentioned music festivals are some of the biggest festivals in the world. But if you are not quite keen on live and loud music, you can try The Silent Disco Company that believes in noiseless music transmitted through LED headphones.