This post feature the best Zayn Malik photo gallery internet have ever seen.  We all know Zayn Malik from One Direction and after leaving the band how successful this has become.  Before watching Zayn Malik’s image gallery lets know little about him and the reason why Zayn Malik left One Direction.

The 25-year-old British singer Zayn Malik is deeply, maddeningly, almost trolling-ly enigmatic. And that cultivated mystery—along with his disdain for the standard rules of superstardom—is probably what puts him on the short list for COOLEST HUMAN ALIVE.

After his X Factor audition, there was an exchange (never aired) in which head judge Simon Cowell probed baby Zayn. “ ’You know, with all these online platforms, why haven’t you ever put out anything prior to this?’ ” Zayn remembers Cowell asking him. Zayn seemed the type, after all: a soft-spoken and artistically gifted teen who liked to sing alone in his bedroom and tinkered with rudimentary song-recording equipment. “I didn’t necessarily think my stuff would be seen amongst the millions of people who put their stuff online. So I went with X Factor at that age,” he says now. Like any fickle teenager, Zayn “just did it for fun, to see what would happen.”

The day that Zayn auditioned, he was among many aspiring solo artists rejected by the judges. But five of the young singers were cobbled together as a boy band in a later segment. Thus was born One Direction and a rabid fandom that British people love to compare to Beatlemania. A craze so fierce and massive that it generated global synchronized flash mobs and fan-fiction authors who’ve reportedly scored six-figure book deals. In an instant, Zayn was thrust into a star-making boot camp, fast-tracked to an uncontrollable type of notoriety without being given the opportunity to consider alternatives.

It’s no secret that Zayn didn’t love One Direction’s sound or his bandmates. “My vision didn’t necessarily always go with what was going on within the band,” he says. There was something so earnest, so wholesomely dweeby, about the whole thing. It wasn’t cool, and Zayn didn’t particularly enjoy being dragged around the world to look like an epic dork during the prime of his youth.

When he split off, in 2015, Zayn finally got to do all the things he hadn’t been able to in One Direction: dye his hair, grow his beard, sing about sex. But he was also introduced to a fresh army of puppeteers trying to guide him, and he felt disoriented, adrift. The only way to ground himself was to resist the pull of anyone’s expectations and answer only to Zayn. He’d spent five years taking direction and had become allergic to it (source: Tumblr).

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