Artist Jamie Homeister Uses Delicate Feathers As Her Canvas For Intricate Paintings Of Animals

 Amazon parrot

amazon parrot

Jamie Homeister is an artist based out of New Albany, Indiana, but her work is influenced most by her Canadian heritage. While Jamie’s featherwork gives a hard nod to the Native American culture, her paper and canvas work are often representative of her emotional memories.

“Featherwork is an incredibly humbling media,” the artist says. “The feathers splice, buckle, splinter and shred under the weight of paint. Layering them in my multi-feather formations is even more difficult to execute, as you have layers of light, airy, thinly threaded buoyancy.”



Ashy-faced barn owl

ashy-faced barn owl

Asian brown wood owl

asian brown wood owl

Cockatoo and African grey

cockatoo and african grey

Great horned owl

great horned owl

Greenwing macaw

greenwing macaw

Grizzly bear

grizzly bear

Jenday conure

jenday conure

Military macaw

military macaw



Pineapple and green cheek conure

pineapple and green cheek conure

Red fox

red fox

Red husky

red husky

Red tailed hawk

red tailed hawk



Screech owl

screech owl

Senegal parrot

senegal parrot

Short eared owl

short eared owl

Snowy owl

snowy owl

Spirit animal totem

spirit animal totem

Trio of finches

trio of finches

Whitetail deer

whitetail deer

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