5 Of The Most Mysterious Places On Earth You Never Heard Of

Russian Holes

1. Point Pleasant (New Jersey)
Point Pleasant is also shrouded in tales of mysterious and creepy events. The most famous of these events involves a creature known as Mothman. Over a hundred different citizens of Point Pleasant claim to have seen this 7 foot tall broad chested man with hypnotic, glowing red eyes, and wings that stretch 10 feet long and drag behind him on the ground.

point pleasant mothman

There are hundreds of beautiful travel spots on the planet earth but there are also some weird places that are keeping secrets and still need to be answered.

 2. The Brown Mountain Lights (Morganton, North Carolina)
The Brown Mountain Lights or ghost lights appear and disappear randomly in a remote area located in Morganton, North Carolina, US. Like large strobes in the sky, they seem to pop up and disappear whenever convenient.

The Brown Mountain Lights

3. Russian Holes (Russia)
From the end of 1980s some strange and mysterious holes started appearing in some Russian forests. No one has been able to found how these holes appear and what they are being used for.

Russian Holes

4. Lake Anjikuni (Nunavut, Canada)
Lake Anjikuni is believed to be responsible for the disappearance of an entire village. There have been all sorts of claims about the cause for the disappearance including aliens, ghosts, and even vampires. Some versions of the story even report strange lights being seen above the lake around the time of the disappearance.

Lake Anjikuni

5. Skeleton Lake Of Roopkund (Uttrakhand, India)
Skeleton Lake Of Roopkund is famous for hundreds of human skeletons lying on the edge of the lake. Every year, after snow melts, one can see many scattered skulls. Scientists believe that the skeletons were of pilgrims and locals as the bodies dated to around 850 AD.

Skeleton Lake Of Roopkund

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