Pavement Art

This frightening image of crater-like hole in the middle of a towpath makes Britain’s pot holes pale into insignificance.
Thankfully, it is just a three dimensional drawing of a canyon, all in the name of pavement art… and to make careless cyclists slow down.
The artwork was commissioned by British Waterways and has been installed along the Regent’s Canal towpath in Islington, North

British Waterways commissioned an art work and installed it in the Regent’s Canal towpath in Islington, North London. This is a huge hole drawing in the middle of towpath fore careless cyclists to slow down, also a sign of awareness.
Funny thing is some cyclists are even using a wooden plank to get over the hole, they cannot judge that it’s a drawing or real hole.

Pavement Art-2

Pavement Art to slow down cyclists
[via The Mail]