22 Of The Most Fascinating Pictures Of Dogs Playing Underwater

UnderWater Dogs-23

I knew that dogs love to play with waters but honestly I didn’t know dogs love to play games underwater too! Seth Casteel is the photographer who is regularly capturing dogs enjoying underwater activities.

UnderWater Dogs-01

UnderWater Dogs-02

UnderWater Dogs-03

UnderWater Dogs-04

UnderWater Dogs-05

UnderWater Dogs-06

UnderWater Dogs-07

UnderWater Dogs-08


UnderWater Dogs-10

UnderWater Dogs-11

UnderWater Dogs-12

UnderWater Dogs-13

UnderWater Dogs-14

UnderWater Dogs-15

UnderWater Dogs-16

UnderWater Dogs-17

UnderWater Dogs-18

UnderWater Dogs-19

UnderWater Dogs-20

UnderWater Dogs-21

UnderWater Dogs-22


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