20 Bizarre Suicide Notes

These suicide notes were gathered at the conroners’ offices by a suicidologist/psychiatrist who asked to be anonymous. He edited identifying details out of the compiled manuscript, and we changed the names. But the text of each letter plus the age and sex given are real. All these people did kill themselves. Were they ambivalent about it? About half the hundred of so letters we saw seemed to have some element of doubt.



9 thoughts on “20 Bizarre Suicide Notes

  1. I have always wonder what my brother wrote in his letter and yet, I don’t want to know.

  2. what kind of bothers me, is that none of these seem bizarre to me; i understand where these people are coming from.

  3. Julia,
    I agree with you fully. Hell, I even relate to the first one.
    It’s haunting to read the last page of ones life. May they all rest in peace.

  4. I read these last letters and thought there was nothing bizarre about them. They were sad and courageous and real.

  5. I think no one should ever end ther life like that. We all gona die sooner or later. I feel bad for those people and the ones who cared about them. life is hard. Sometimes u have to remember the people u leave behind are gona be really hurt. even if its just one person that cares about u. The people that hates u will be happy.

  6. Yes they are very sad. But if one person has health problems a doctor could usually fix it. Mental health problems are much different. There are not enough resources for mental health, not to mention how hard it is to find help. The 1st question I ask anyone in the mental health field is “how long are you going to work here?” . Most of them use phsyco therapy as a stepping stone for something else. I have bipolar, I can’t not tell you how many times I am looked in a negative way. Our society has a long way to learn how to look at sucide. People have know idea the pain people are in. Example let someone run over your foot with a truck, then tell you it’s not bad you will be alright. I pray for the people who have died and are still suffering. Just remember our illness only has to take up a small part of the room not the whole room. That’s what I tell myself but its hard

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