18 Times People Jumped And No One Could Stop Disaster

 01. This Long Jump

Jump Fail GIFs-01

There are no limits of time and place for people who like to have  fun. And also sometimes it happens that their fun activities go horribly wrong and disastrous. Here are 18 hilarious GIFs of people painfully failed while jumping.

02. This Show Off Guy

Jump Fail GIFs-18

 03. This Guy Jumping Over The Chairs

Jump Fail GIFs-02

04. This High Jump

Jump Fail GIFs-03

 05. This Guy Jumping Over The Fence

Jump Fail GIFs-04

 06. This Jump in Park

Jump Fail GIFs-05

 07. This Cooking Guy Jump Fail

Jump Fail GIFs-06

 08. Over The Fence Fail

Jump Fail GIFs-07

 09. This Long Jump Face-plant

Jump Fail GIFs-08

 10. This Guy Who Slipped

Jump Fail GIFs-09

 11. This Jump With Exercise Ball

Jump Fail GIFs-10

 12. This Jump And Bounce

Jump Fail GIFs-11

 13. She Got Totally Wrong Idea

Jump Fail GIFs-12

 14. This Guy Jumping From The Rooftop

Jump Fail GIFs-13

 15. This Face Plant

Jump Fail GIFs-14

16. This Guy Who Was Thinking That He Can Easily Do It

Jump Fail GIFs-15

17.  This Guy In Super Store

Jump Fail GIFs-16

 18. This Jump In Iced Water

Jump Fail GIFs-17

GIFs via: tumblr, 4gifs, gifbin and buzzfeed.

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