15 Of The Weirdest Things You Can Do With Doll Heads

1. You can throw a party.

Throw a party.

If you have a collection of old and expire dolls in your back store and you’re thinking to throw them out then please stop doing this for a while and check out what are the best usage of your old doll heads. To me that bra made out of dolls head is awesome! 2. You can jazz up your usual ‘do.

Jazz up your usual ‘do.

3. You can bring some variety to a boring snack.

Bring some variety to a boring snack.

4. You can dress up your mantle.

Dress up your mantle.

5. You can flaunt your assets.

Flaunt your assets.

6. You can give that green thumb a workout.

Give that green thumb a workout.

7. You can have a Pinterest-tastic treat.

Have a Pinterest-tastic treat.

8. You can hop onboard the terrarium trend.

Hop onboard the terrarium trend.

9. You can keep your desk organized.

Keep your desk organized.

10. You can indulge your literary side.

Indulge your literary side.

11.  You can pop the question.

Pop the question.

12. You can protect your phone.

Protect your phone.

13. You can rock a statement necklace.

Rock a statement necklace.

14. You can show off your style.

Show off your style.

15. You can step out on the town.

Step out on the town.

via: buzzfeed.

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