35. Lady Gaga

Pop singing is probably, the most famous style of singing today. You only have to watch TV programs like America Idol and ITV’s X Factor, just to realize that many singers are singing pop songs. Take a look at a queue of top 35 best female pop vocalists who have released countless singles & albums in past few years. Also feel free to tell us who is your best from this list of best female pop vocalists.

34. Whitney Houston

33. Diana Ross

32. Leona Lewis

30. Gwen Stefani

29. Olivia Newton-John

28. Pink

27. Tina Turner

26. Wilson Phillips

24. Cyndi Lauper

23. Celine Dion

22. Beyonce Knowles

21. Taylor Swift

20. Lene Marlin

19. Lily Allen

18. Rihanna

17. LeAnn Rimes

16. Nelly Furtado

15. KT Tunstall

14. Missy Elliott

13. Shania Twain

12. Spice Girls

11. Mariah Carey

10 Britney Spears

9. Katy Perry

8. Christina Aguilera

7. Avril Lavigne

6. Jessica Simpson

5. Janet Jackson

4. Kylie Minogue

3. Shakira

2.Kelly Clarkson

1. Madonna