Simple Tips to Protect your Computer against Hackers

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Simple Tips to Protect your Computer Against Hackers

Hackers are those people who create malicious software in order to inflict harm against users. They can crack nearly any code and get into any computer system. Hacking has become a nuisance in recent times and the protection from hacking has become more complex. Their clever tactics and detailed technical knowledge help them access information you really don’t want them to have.

So, here are five simple tips that will help you protect your computer from hackers. Keep yourself protected with these easy tips on how to thwart most hacking attempts.

Install Protective Software

You need to have solid security software to prevent more advanced hackers from accessing your accounts and other sensitive data. There are two types of security software that you can use in order to protect your computer from hackers e.g. network firewalls and antivirus software. A firewall protects your private network from being accessed by an outsider while the antivirus software protects your computer from malicious infections.

Avoid Shady Web Sites

Being extra careful while surfing on the web is the best way to protect your computer from hackers. If you want to visit a site but aren’t sure of its reputability, you can use a service like Web of Trust. Equip your computer with a firewall! Firewalls create a protective wall between your computer and the outside world.

Use strong passwords

Using strong passwords is the best way to ensure your social media accounts don’t get hacked by a spammer or someone who wants to embarrass you. Using a password longer than 8 characters can greatly reduce the chance that someone will guess your password.

Checking your personal accounts

Continually check the accuracy of personal accounts and deal with any discrepancies right away. You should always take extra care and watch out for any strange activity.

Regular Updates

The most important software to keep up to date is your Windows operating system. One of the big selling points of having the latest operating system is that security vulnerabilities are patched. Regardless of the version of Windows you use, visit the Microsoft’s Windows Update website ( and install all “critical patches.”