Top 20 Countries With Best Quality of Life

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20. Hungary Cost of Living – 58 Leisure & Culture – 76 Economy – 48 Environment – 77 Freedom – 100 Health – 84 Infrastructure – 77 Risk & Safety – 93 Climate – 76 Final Score – 74 Every January magazine “Quality of Life Index” measures 194 countries

Can You Guess Who Lives in This House?

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May be your mind is going towards a Saudi Prince? or Queen of England? or a Billionaire? Well, see all pictures of this one of luxurious houses of the world and at the end of the post you will find the answer that who is living in this home.

America’s Top 10 Dogs

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1. Shih Tzu The Shih Tzu may be sweet and playful, but it is not afraid the stand up for itself – its name means “lion.” The portable pooch with the flowing double coat is believed to have descended from crossing the Lhasa Apso with the Pekingese. Lively and

18 Fantastically Realistic Paintings

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A realistic painting is meant to be a direct result of what was actually happening at that specific moment in time. It is, however, in keeping with this style for the artist to manipulate compositional elements for the purpose of more clearly communicating the truth of an event without