World’s Most Beautiful Soccer Model

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Meng Qian is a cutest Chinese model and actress. Recently, Meng Qian to cheer for the world Cup, She wear a white and pink innerwear and bring along the soccer ball. Meng Qian will also attend a series of soccer World Cup events.

33 Coolest Concept Cars

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Concept cars are usually shown at the big motor shows throughout the world. They’re shown to consumers to gauge their reactions to radical design changes or concepts. The idea of the concept or show car was developed by the GM designer Harley Earl. The concept auto is a real

Wonderful Underwater Photography by Mike Roberts

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In this post we are going to share some wonderful close underwater photography works done by a talented photographer Mike Roberts. According to Mike, my earliest memories of the world beneath the ocean surface, were of following my dad while he was spearfishing off the coast of Keawekapu on

15 World’s Most Bizarre Theme Parks

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1. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, UAE Slated to open in late 2010, the first Ferrari theme park will also be the world’s largest indoor park—more than two million square feet. Among other high-octane highlights, expect to find the world’s fastest roller coaster (traveling more than 130 mph at 180