28 Fascinating Facts That Will Open Your Mind To The Truth

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 01. Reality doesn’t easily digest.

10 Times People Used Everyday Objects To Kill People

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 01. A Bowling Ball Did you ever imagine that someone can kill a person with a pen or a spoon? Well its happening and If they’re going to ban guns they better ban these objects also. 02. A Crucifix 03. A House Brick 04. A Jar of Pickels 05. A Pen

27 Reasons To Prove That Facebook Is Owned By Dump People

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 01. How you discuss things on  facebook? Well, take care what you are doing on facebook or you will be in our next list of dump people failing facebook.

24 Reasons Why Cats Start Hating Owners

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 01. Wake up more than one minute after they decide that they are hungry If you ever feel like your relationship with your cat is too friendly, don’t worry there are plenty of ways to make sure your feline companion doesn’t get too chummy with you.