19 Times Baby Goats Reached Dangerous Point Of Cuteness

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01.  This Push Up Moment Baby goats are considered as cutest and naughtiest buddies. From cute baby goat jumps on another goat and kick it to the ground to an adorable baby goat getting her very first bath, We have much more to make your day absolutely delightful.

50 Of The Most Striking Portraits of Homeless People

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Lee Jeffries is the artist who is capturing absolutely touching photographs of emotional faces of homeless people. Forty-year-old Jeffries, from Bolton – who’s an accountant by day – first began photographing the homeless in 2008 while visiting London. While walking through Leicester Square he took a picture of a

Maude White Creates The Most Incredible Paper Art You Will Ever See

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 Brave Eagle Maude White was born in Buffalo in the mid-1980s. As a small child her family moved to a rural town in the Hudson Valley. Her early schooling was done at a Waldorf School and from her mother at home. Her time spent at both shaped her appreciation

Adding Little More To Funny Drawings Will Make You Smile When You’re Down

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Alex Solis is an awesome artist from Chicago. Who lives with his wife, two kids and one huge pit-bull. Alex loves to create funny drawings and it comes more funnier when he adds some live objects with his drawing to create even more funnier illustrations. Artist’s Website, Instagram and