‘Lunchbox Dad’ Beau Coffron Creates Impressive Edible Art for His Little Daughter Abby

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All parents want their children not only well in school, but also to eat right. Therefore, young children often take lunch-boxes, in which parents diligently placed homemade food. Beau Coffron is a creative blogger and father of three who lives and works in San Francisco. He has become famous

A Mixture of Gothic, Steampunk and Fantasy in the Works of Rebecca Shed is Simply Mesmerizing

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Rebeca Saray is a professional freelance photographer and digital artist from Spain. Most of her collection is based on glamorous and creative photography shoots. She has already written two books on photography namely “In Requiem” and “Feelings”. Both books are published by Norma Editorial in Spain. Rebeca Saray combines

Adorable Hedgehog Hilariously Disguised with Illustrated Masks

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Marutaro is an adorable and cute pygmy hedgehog and the new internet celebrity. This Japan-based pygmy hedgehog has over 47,000 followers on Twitter, and lots of more fans around the web. Marutaro enjoys getting his photo taken, and he is patient enough to pose with the silly and humorously,

Truly Mesmerizing Fashion Photography by Danil Zubritsky

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Danil Zubritsky is a talented but still unknown photographer. Most of her photography collection is based on beauty and fashion photography. We have selected 20 best fashion and beauty photographs from Danil Zubritsky‘s collection.