17 Greatest People Risk Their Lives To Save Animals Lives

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 1. This Wildlife Officer Who Saved A Drowning Bear Did you ever had a chance to help helpless animals? Well, there are hundreds of people around the world who have hearts of gold and they can’t see animals being suffered. Here we have a set of great people who

Russian Photographer Honors The Dead Animals And Its Absolutely Heartbreaking

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Bird All the credit goes to Russian photographer Maria Ionova-Gribina who wanted to present a tribute to dead animals. And now its our turn to give honors to Maria Ionova-Gribina. According to Ionova, “I found these dead animals during bicycle rides to the sea in the summer. I wanted

15 Mind-Twisting GIFs Of People Doing Magic Tricks

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 1. Vanishing In A Box Trick Its not easy for people like me to do magic tricks. Seriously it needs some special skills and smart mind to do something tricky. For me in my magic tricks collection number 1 and number 3 are mind-blowing.


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 Strilicia, Chameleon As a physicist Arie van ‘t Riet specialized in radiation physics. Especially in very low energy X-rays. Some years ago I started to use these experience in X-ray photography. An amazing kind of black and white photography. Looking with X-ray eyes to nature. That’s what I like to