Truly Mesmerizing Fashion Photography by Danil Zubritsky

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Danil Zubritsky is a talented but still unknown photographer. Most of her photography collection is based on beauty and fashion photography. We have selected 20 best fashion and beauty photographs from Danil Zubritsky‘s collection.

Giant Bronze Teddy Bear Sculpture Display at Seagram Plaza

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Swiss artist and sculptor Urs Fischer is famous for its large-scale sculptures. Recently he revealed a gigantic yellow teddy bear sculpture made out of bronze. The approximate weight of sculpture is near about 20 tons. This sculpture is installed by the auction house “Christie’s” in front of the Seagram

Mesmerizing Handmade Animal Rings by Jiro Miura

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Japanese designer and self-taught artist Jiro Miura has made an impressive series of rings depicting various animals. The artist says that he could not even imagine how much would be popular. More precisely, it became popular products that belong to a series of “Animal Cling Rings”. And the name

Absolutely Perfect Hyper-Realistic Oil Paintings of Females by Mary Jane Ansell

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Mary Jane Ansell is a talented and creative British artist who lives and works in Brighton. She creates absolutely perfect hyper-realistic oil painting of females by giving exude a strong sense of emotion using soft colors and tones. Women on her paintings are something mysterious, curious, and fantasy that can