23 Astounding GIFs Of Crashes In The Movies

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 1. Since my childhood I’m a big fan of action movies. I always like the scene when a car hits through the wall or falls over the bridge. Here I have a collection of 23 best crashing moments in the history of movies in gif form. Enjoy!

Incredibly Beautiful Moth and Butterfly Sculptures by Yumi Okita

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A talented artist from North Carolina Yumi Okita creates wonderful textile sculptures of butterflies and moths out of different embroidery and textile techniques. Her creatures are nearly foot large and she decorate her stuff with painting, feathers and artificial fur.

17 Of The Most Awesome Underwater GIFs We Can See Forever

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1.  This Back Flip For many years I have been a big fan of underwater photography. I never missed to save any underwater image I found on the internet. But when I saw these wonderful underwater gifs they made me so delightful. Please don’t forget to tell us which

How Super Heroes Look At Home? Awesome Photography of Gregg Segal

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Gregg Segal has tried to show up what our super heroes do at home and result is seriously awesome.  At Segals personal blog he says that my mother tells me she knew I’d become a photographer when, after she got me a camera for my eleventh birthday, I photographed