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23 Videobomb GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

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01. These hilarious videobomb gifs are created from news and other videos. The most funny thing is that animals also know what is videobombing and how to do this.  But the guy standing behind the report in #1 gif deserve the gold medal for hilarious face expressions  on live

20 Times Kids Gave Really Tough Time To Their Teachers During Spell Check

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This toy story drawing Kids of today are so bright and we expect A+ from them in every class. But some times we don’t get what we expect. Specially these kids gave really tough time to their teachers while checking their regular tests. After seeing these hilarious spelling mistakes

24 Epic Walking Through The Glass Door Fail GIFs

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01. This Confused Dog The major reason why people fail while walking through the glass doors is that sometimes glass doors too clean and people can’t see until the crash happens.

27 Reasons To Prove That Facebook Is Owned By Dump People

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 01. How you discuss things on  facebook? Well, take care what you are doing on facebook or you will be in our next list of dump people failing facebook.