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20 Hilariously Funny Wrong Number Texts Ever

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It is right, wrong number texts are nothing just more than a minor inconvenience. These, however, are much more entertaining…! Today we have collected twenty hilariously funny wrong number texts to make your day smile. Checkout but don’t forget to leave your feedback.

The 30 Damn Funny Parent Text Fails So Far

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Obviously 2012 was the year of iPhone text fails. The hilarity of fail texts is still continue in 2013.The auto correction system of iPhone generated hilarious texts. Specially the parents are big victims of auto correct texts.  To amuse you more here we have made a compilation of 30

Organize Your Time and Events with My Time Organizer for Chrome

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Looking around the web you can find various organization apps and tools promising you to manage your daily tasks properly. However for those who don’t like to install any task management software or to do list apps on their PC, “My Time Organizer” is a useful Google Chrome extension

Use Chrome to Send and Receive SMS without A Phone

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Are you Sick of having to get up and make your way to the phone every time you hear your message alert sound? How about using your Chrome browser to manage your SMS without even using your phone? Well, it is possible now with MightyText.