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What If Top Hollywood Icons Were Born In The Sixteenth Century?

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Wonder woman Sacha’s discovery of these top hollywood icons, which goes back to childhood, gave birth to a desire to re-appropriate them, to take them back to a time forming the cornerstone of modern western art. Sacha wants to confront these icons of American culture with contemporary painters of

Amusing 3d Drawing Art By Joao A. Carvalho

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João A. Carvalho, aka J. Desenhos has full command in illusions, fine art and 3D drawing art. He transforms normal pieces of lines notebook papers into magical illustrations that look like would jump off the page in any moment. While creating this 3D drawing art he uses intense shadows

Jason de Graaf Uses Acrylic Paint To Create Unbelievably Realistic Paintings

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Jason de Graaf is the man who is doing something very exceptional and hard to believe. Yes, you need to have another look at these images to believe that these are hype-realistic paintings by Jason de Graaf who used acrylic paint on the canvas to create these wonderful acrylic

21 Creatively Funny Tattoos To Make You Smile

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01. Making someone smile and happy is not an easy job. It is said that its as God given gift in only chosen people. Different people select different ways to attention of others. I’d specially admit these disable people in our list who have funny tattoos on their bodies