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Fake Facades: Smart Street Art by Patrick Commecy

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French street artist Patrick Commecy, together with a group of muralists, turns dull and boring facades into something very bright and attractive. Most of the street drawings are created by the initiators of the project in large and small towns of France. You can judge that the artist Patrick

Mind Blowing Photographs of Photographs by Vik Muniz

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Vik Muniz is a talented and professional artist from Brazil but currently he lives and works in Rio de Janeiro and New York. His sole and unique techniques of creating photo images make his creation wonderful and stand out among other such works. In this photo project the artist

35 Awesome Examples of Land Art

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Land art is the most beautiful art ever seen on the planet. The movement of this art is originated from U.S. in the late 1960s, the artists created inextricably linked with the natural landscape; the latter is used as the form and means of creation. Checkout the 25 awesome

Spectacular Landscape Paintings by Phan Thu Trang

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Landscape paintings are both an absorbing and fascinating subject to many artists wanting to explore the genre in their art. The improvement of other forms of landscape – cityscapes, seascapes, pt townscapes – has produced different techniques and innumerable styles. For those who love the freshness and radiance of