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12 Incredible Pieces Of Street Art In The Form Of Animated GIFs

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01. In today’s world the Internet has a big influence on street art. Artists can show their pictures to an audience all over the world. Many city residents, however, say that seeing a picture on the Internet is never as good as seeing it live. But I’d say that

Artist Chris Panda Talentedly Draws Skeletons In Coloring Book Pages

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French illustrator Chris Panda is the guy who awesomely draws skeletons in coloring book characters.

Artist Jamie Homeister Uses Delicate Feathers As Her Canvas For Intricate Paintings Of Animals

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¬†Amazon parrot Jamie Homeister is an artist based out of New Albany, Indiana, but her work is influenced most by her Canadian heritage. While Jamie’s featherwork gives a hard nod to the Native American culture, her paper and canvas work are often representative of her emotional memories. “Featherwork is

28 Unforgettable 3D Street Artworks You Will Ever See

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 01. A boating trip on a warm, summer day Here we go through with a collection of most jaw-dropping 3D street artworks ever created. These 3d artworks are the master pieces by some of the most talented and handful artists around the world. All these artists are teamed up