Amazingly Creative Drawing Vs Photography (Part II)

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We should all try to have a romantic attitude

Ben Heine is a talented and innovative artist from Belgium. He has shown his talent and creativity by mixing drawing and photography commonly known as “Pencil Vs Camera” art. It was a totally new visual concept which he initially introduced in 2010 and has received a huge appreciation from people all around the world. Ben Heine‘s fresh, captivating and eye-catching images have once again become the focus of people’s interest on the web.

Visual artist has come up with another collection of striking and dream-like pieces that will help you to forget your worries for a moment. We have already published a post with the name of “Drawing Vs Photography” which was highly appreciated. This new collection titled with Amazingly Creative Drawing Vs Photography (Part II) will inspire you really!

Naughty rabbit with something in mind

X-ray vision

Which one do you think is the predator

what's behind the piece of paper, and behind the camera

problems in the dark moment


photography and traditional drawing

Pencil Vs Camera

We should all try to have a romantic attitude

Don’t cry baby

a bird with some electronic power

Art Official Concept

Crazy dog


Escape the madness, escape the system

Freedom is not far

human's earliest ancestors

King of the place, here is the mighty lion

No more violence

Higher always higher

walking alone and looking very sad