Pakistani Female Soldiers

48 Killer Female Soldiers From Various Countries

Pakistani Female Soldier Well, from my point of view if these girls participate in any beauty contest obviously these  can easily win any beauty contest but on the …

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29553 191

Pakistani Female Soldier

Well, from my point of view if these girls participate in any beauty contest obviously these  can easily win any beauty contest but on the other hand these military girls seem absolutely ready to protect their respective countries. Just take a look at all pictures of female soldiers and discuss! which country’s military has most beautiful and brave girls? Feel free to share your views in comments!

Note: We will add more pictures from remaining countries as well we find time to time in future.


Israeli Women Soldiers

South Korean Women Soldier

Italian Women  Soldiers

Russian Female Soldier

Poland Female Soldier

Czesh Republic Female Soldier

Austrian Female Soldier

Indonesian Female Soldier

Chinese Female Soldier

UK Female Soldier

Canadian Female Soldier

Taiwan Female Soldier

Norway Female Soldier

Estonian Female Soldier

Portuguese Female Soldier

US Female Soldier

Peruvian Female Soldier

Netherlands (Holland) Female Soldier

Serbian Female Soldier

Algerian Female Soldier

Greece Female Soldier

Lithuanian Female Soldier

Finnish Female Soldier

Switzerland Female Soldier

Romanian Female Soldier

Vietnam Female Soldier

Brazilian Female Soldier

Japanese Female Soldier

Iranian Female Soldier

Colombian Female Soldier

Belgium Female Soldier

Ukrainian Female Soldier

Mexican Female Soldier

Turkish Female Soldier

French Female Soldier

Nepali Female Soldiers

Indian Female Soldiers

Australian Female Soldier

Polish Female Soldier

New Zealand Female Soldier

Spanish Female Soldier

Serbian Female Soldiers

Bahrain Female Soldiers

German Female Soldiers

Swedish Female Soldier

Kenyan Female Soldiers

Chilean Female Soldier



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    The UK girl is not a soldier she’s RAF. And by the looks of it an Air Cadet (under 18)


    Serbia ftw definitley! Both of them absolutely stunning
    A bit disappointed by Russia, but well we cannot always ;P


    turkish ones arent soldiers they are police woman


    Wow the Greek girl was the best. So beautiful and Mediterranean looking. But overall these girls (except the Indian one) are very beautiful.


    U.S soldier she’s looking soldier, great


    the one from Kenya is actually an administration police.


    well, that Indonesian Female Soldier, wasn’t actually a soldier. She was Miss Indonesia 2008, I think.

    wondering if there’s a soldier like that in indonesia, quite impossible.


    اتمنى ان اقيم علاقة معهم كلهم


    I just masturbated to this post .. thanks 😛


    @LoL March 11, 2010 at 7:29 am |

    Ti si vjerovatno usrani Hrvat, hebo svoju mater đubrovu.


    They’re all wonderful examples of female soldiers. Some are prettier than others based on cultural preference. But I was more interested in the uniforms and I found the Greek and Taiwanese outfits to be really smart.
    Congratulations to all of them!!


    Finland, I surrender! Please interrogate me! Please, please!!!


    Serbia, here i come!


    What you said as Indonesia Female soldier is not actual soldier. Even the uniform is not for soldier but for police officer. And the girl is an actress acting as a policewoman. Be carfeul bro….


    That Canadian woman is not very recognizable for Dutchies.
    Here is a pick straight from the Netherlands.

    Nice pics from the Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese and South Korean.
    And a beautiful set overall.


    These are really killer girls.
    I liked all of them. he he he he he…………. 🙂


    Many were beautiful. However, the finnish and the swedish soldier really stood out! Very Hollywood. Unfortunately, I never saw foriegn hotty-soldiers while I was in service.


    sucksssss. alooooot.!! women in military…. totaly uncool man.. these all chiks make me winer tighter.. shiiiit… its like a pornography..


    i think pakistani and irani is the best i like him


    great collection. I vote for Italian Soldier


    Why is the “Australian” soldier a chink?


    it is very nice and wonderfull i like it


    lolz u ppl hav read the response of an indian “Sutanu” he/ she says that indian soldier girl was the best, lolz she is the most misfit in the list, wat about Pakistani hottie she is on the top of the list man, Pakistan Rocks!!!!


    Wow, these hotties sure make one sit up and salute them.


    in my view the Indian girl is da best irrespectiv of gender dats da actual attitude/intensity for sum1 in military.luk at her she is silent but in her lives a storm,she’s calm but careful.look at her eyes confident,her fingers on the trigger…….but must say wid all da pics ,i think evry girl in da list luk more beautiful 4 da uniform dey r in.


    Go Peruvian girl soldiers, !Viva el Perú!


    no. 2 Greece Female Soldier no 3 Finnish Female Soldier. no 4 Serbian Female Soldiers no 5 Japanese Female Soldier


    no 1 pakistani soldier r most beautiful active and brave


    What you claim as Indonesian soldier was actually a model who joint Miss Universe beauty pageant and what she is wearing is police uniform. The Polda tag on her left hand is abbreviation of Kepolisi Daerah or District Police. By the way, her name is Nadine Chandrawinata. Please googling using that name and compare!
    Russian female soldier with those long nails?


    MALAYSIA x kah?!


    the indonesian actualy also using a police uniform, not the soldier uniform. and the fact is, she isn’t a real cop, just an indonesian movie star, who using police uniform



    i think iw ish to spend my milatry service in every one of thise country insted of sepent it with strange freak milatry of my country


    Try to find Icelandic female soldier…!! 🙂 No army in my glorious country 🙂


    Chinese “soldier” is police force, not army…


    Bazm – guess you’ll be an unhappy soul for life.


    Iran, Bahrain, India, and Kenyan? Killer? Maybe in the literal sense, but not within the figurative sense – those are BUTT*OR Faces – thise butts? Or faces?


    I will be happy when war is no more and the need for soldiers, male or female is a thing of the past.


    I think d chinese one is the worst .


    Nobody beats the Israel Chicks……they sure can fight the longest!


    Hows about all us guys give up the military and leave to the girls?


    no doubt all the solider are .. very beautiful after choosing this profession
    they have become more beautiful and brave.


    Your first Chinese girl is actually a cop, not a soldier.


    Raheel, i m with u the South Korean she is the best.


    Well, from the given pictures, South Korean Female Soldier have innocent look.


    Turkish ones are not soldiers but COPS..


    It’s a Balkan thing. Serbian chick is the bast 😀
    Seriously, chicks there are W0W


    I think no one matches with Taiwanese soldier, she is most beautiful and looking brave in the list 🙂


    Well Mr. Donald, but I think this military girl belongs to Netherlands!!!


    By the way! Your Netherlands (Holland) Female Soldier is actually a Canadian Logistics Soldier


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