Photo manipulation is an art that could be done under advanced portrait retouching. This is actually one of the advanced photo editing strategies that is the oldest in the book and could be done either by beginners or professionals. A combined effort between photography and graphic design that is undergoing continuous evolution, photo manipulation is what others call photo art and provides some kind of illusion to a photo. There are different kinds of photo manipulation, and these include digital editing and the use of prints, negatives, or transparencies that are made digital through feeding them into a scanner. Image warping is just one of the things done during photo manipulation as well as the addition of some other special effects. This post features a collection of animal photo manipulations. Hope these photos will make smile on your face!

Animal Photo Manipulations

Animal Photo Manipulations manipulated photo

Animal Photo Manipulations manipulated monkey

photo credit 1 to 34: Sebastian  Niedlich

photo credit 35 to 40: Corinne  Kuhlmann