30 Excellent Examples of Infrared Photography

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Infrared photography involves a particular type of photo imaging that is sensitive to infrared light. Capturing your subject in the infrared spectrum of light, produces a rich beauty all its own. The eclectic images developed from the heat sources of your subject or landscape using an IR lens, will bring drama to your photographs.  From our collection of excellent infrared photography,  you would absolutely like to save few images for your desktop.

Photo credit 1 to 8:  Bonnie Jean Kirkpatrick

Photo credit: 9 to 15: Paul (dex)

Photo credit: John Brian Silverio

Photo credit 18 to 22: Andrew Porter

Photo credit 25 and 26: Paul Gerald Banday

Photo credit: Mark Hilliard

Photo credit: Nicholas Smale

Photo credit: il1a

Photo credit: Hannes R

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