20 Photos Of World’s Heaviest And Largest Aircraft

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An-225 Mriya

The An-225 Mriya is a strategic airlift transport aircraft, which was built by the Antonov Design Bureau, and is the largest flying airplane ever built. Capable of transporting oversized objects externally, the An-225 was designed mainly to transport the Russian space shuttle “Buran” and its components from a service area to a launch site, although the Antonov bureau is looking for possible commercial applications for the enormous aircraft. With a maximum gross weight of 640 tonnes (1,411,000 lb), the An-225 is the world’s heaviest and largest aircraft.

Antonov Plane


Antonov 225

Antonov photo

An-225 Mriya

An-225 Mriya pictures

world largest aircraft

largest aircarft pictures

Antonov pictures

Antonov Aircraft

Antonov 225

world largest airplane

world's heaviest and largest aircraft

world's heaviest and largest aircraft photo

world's heaviest airplane

world's heaviest aircraft

Antonov largest airplane

Antonov airplane


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