10 Strangest Houses Around The World

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1. The Dancing House in Prague

The Dancing House in Prague

Looking around for a house is very exciting as you have the opportunity to look though several house; each house different from each other; it’s a sort of adventure. However, when you move you have to be concerned about the welfare of your children and family. However what will you feel if some body ask you to live in one of these strange houses.

12. The Tree House in Cincinnati

The Tree House in Cincinnati01

The Tree House in Cincinnati02

The Tree House in Cincinnati03

3. Eco-conscious Roundhouse in Australia

Eco-conscious Roundhouse in Australia

4. Forest Spiral Apartments in Germany

Forest Spiral Apartments in Germany01

Forest Spiral Apartments in Germany02

5. UFO-style houses in Sanjhih, Taiwan

UFO-style houses in Sanjhih, Taiwan01

UFO-style houses in Sanjhih, Taiwan02

UFO-style houses in Sanjhih, Taiwan03

6. Space-inspired house in Chicago

Space-inspired house in Chicago

7. Crooked house in Poland

Crooked house in Poland01

Crooked house in Poland02

8. Cheetah House in Chicago

Cheetah House in Chicago

9. Conch House in the Caribbean


Conch House in the Caribbean02

10. Stone Age home in Portugal

Stone Age home in Portugal01

Stone Age home in Portugal02

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